Refund Policy

Under California law, all customers who hire our services are required to execute a mandatory Contract for Services. This Contract, under California Business and Professions Code Section
6410 provides for a limited 24-hour cancellation policy. Fees paid are non- refundable except as per the limited cancellation policy outlined in Contract which provides as follows.

A client shall have the right to rescind the Contract within 24 hours of the signing of the contract.

A client may cancel the contract by providing OC Attorney Service Inc. a written statement to the effect that the Contract is canceled. If a client gives notice of cancellation by mail
addressed to OC Attorney Service Inc. with first-class postage prepaid, cancellation is effective upon the date indicated on the postmark.

Upon the voiding or rescinding of the contract or agreement for services, OC Attorney Service Inc. shall immediately return to client any fees paid by the client, except fees for services that were actually, necessarily, and reasonably performed on the client's behalf by the legal document assistant with the client’s knowing and express written consent, *

*It should be noted that all or the majority of documents are often prepared within the first 24 hours after the receipt of a signed contract.
You should make inquiry as to the expected time for completion based on our current case load. If a Contract is cancelled during cancellation period, services for which OC Attorney
Service Inc. is entitled to compensation shall be calculated as follows: Appointment and telephone time incurred prior to cancellation at the hourly rate of $150/hour plus a fee of
$150,00 for opening file. If documents are substantially completed during the 24-hour period following execution, no refund will be due.