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What is a Divorce:


Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is the process of terminating a marriage or marital union. California is a “no-fault divorce” state. In California, a dissolution of marriage can be granted if the court finds that “irreconcilable differences” means that there is no hope that a married couple will be able to work out their problems and save the marriage. This simply means that a married person who wants to end the marriage can do so, even if the other spouse wants to stay together.


How to file for divorce:

The process begins by filing a Complaint or a Petition. A copy of the Complaint is served to your spouse, usually by a process server. Your spouse will then have 30 days to respond to the Complaint. How the case proceeds from there will depend upon how your spouse responds. You and your spouse may reach an agreement, your spouse may file a response (either agreeing to what you’ve requested in the Complaint or contesting it), or may not reply at all. Other documents may also need to be filed, mostly commonly financial statements. Things can become quite complicated in a contested case, with numerous documents being filed, and one or more formal court hearings.


How Long does a Divorce Take?

The Divorce Process can vary in length and complexity depending on the assets and debts or the children involved in the divorce.

A typical divorce can last around six months, and can result in court orders regarding child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, family support, and the division of property and debts.

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